Monday, December 19, 2016

New Year! New......

New Year!
New Month!
New Relationships!
New Rhythms
New Strategies!
New plans!
New Journal Entries!
New Joys!
New opportunities to forgive!
New Responses!
New Reflections!
New Hobbies!
New Emotional  Investments!
New Social Networks!
New levels of Discernment!
New and fresh wisdom to apply!
New sources of Knowledge!
New ways to tap into the Spirit of God!
New ways to follow His leading!
New approaches to fasting and worship!
New and improved understandings about the rhythm of relationships!


Merry Christmas!

Happy birthday Jesus!

Family and friends usually gather to celebrate Christmas together! Most often loved ones share a joyous atmosphere. Laughter, shared meals, cozy moments in front of a fireplace, sharing a couch, reading a good book, watching a movie, talking, playing a board are things I look forward to during Christmas. I love pondering the details of the Christmas story.
There are also times  when friends and I have bemoaned the lose  of a friend or family member near the holidays. What  an empty and sad experience this can be! Although others may invite you to join their celebration, there is a strange feeling deep within the our hearts. We truly miss Gram and also the holiday meals that she prepared for years. We miss the warm and welcoming atmosphere that she cultivated! We miss Uncle and Auntie! Without a doubt, it is not the same without hearing the voices and laughter of our friends and classmates: Grace, Valerie, Terri, Gerald and Bonnie.  Their seat is unfilled at the fellowship table. Not so long ago, "they decked the halls with us!" Now they are with Emmanuel.   Time and the grace of God heals this emotionally awkward season and feeling. This too shall pass...The Comforter mends the brokenhearted.

Happy birthday Jesus! After all, You really  are the reason for the season!

Taking time to give thanks to the best Giver of All!

It is appropriate to give thanks to the Lord God for family, church, school, marketplace, political, global, interracial, domestic, governmental, social, romantic, mentoring, kingdom-centered and casual relationships. Relationships are a gift. You are a gift.

Others can be considered a gift to you. We learn from everyone, whether younger or older.  We gain knowledge and can benefit from friends and foes alike. Some will consider you a gift to them. Together you and those you are connected to  may be thought of as a creative, caring, edifying, healing, receptive, problems-solving, supportive, and encouraging gift .If this is true, then you are blessed. On the other hand, certain relationships with individuals seem to be no more than an irritation, much  like a thorn in one's side.

Like relationships, gifts are usually fun to receive. I am thankful for the thoughtful gifts that I receive and to the most thoughtful Giver...ever!  Gifts are different. Not all gifts are practical and useful. Some gifts are ornamental. Some gifts have a short life span and do not last a lifetime. Particular gifts may be fragile and break easily while others last for along time and are considered heirlooms. Some gifts must be assembled.

Relationships are assembled, built, developed, and  grow over time. The rhythm of our relationships typically vary (in purpose) from season to season.The rhythm is unpredictable. If we viewed relational rhythms beneath the surface, there may be great value in the type of unique relationships most represent in your life, and in the type of special rhythms they each produce.

 God is a genius. The Lord is sovereign. He knows what we need. We think that we know what we need. Oh give thanks unto the Lord for He is good, and His relational gifts (especially) to us are to be cherished

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Rhythm of Work Relationships

What a pleasure it was to work with these great women (and gentleman) for many years. How refreshing to find out that even though many of us have retired, we want to get together periodically to re-connected and break bread together. We share stories, pictures, food, laughter and tears. We empathize with each other, and simply look forward to catching up on the adventures of life. We are all so very different. God intentionally made us different. We have learned over the years to respect the differences. Rather than compete among ourselves, we use or differences as a way to complement one another. Although our varying cultures, backgrounds, hometowns and ages shape our perspectives, our tender hearts shape our response to one another.

Relationships and Music Have Remarkable Rhythms!

Music and rhythm are inseparable! The longer I live, the more I am convinced that life, relationships, and rhythm are intertwined. The piano is an amazing instrument. Lovely music can come from its musical chords, and harmony. However, make no mistake, dissonance can be heard from a piano too. The black and white keys do not all look alike. Individuals to not all look, think, and act alike.The flats and sharps complement one another. Our diverse personalizes can complement one another. People influence the lives of other people. Oh, what tunes we interject in the lives of others to bring about disturbing discord or miraculous melodies. Music has healing properties within it. Likewise, relationships have healing properties within them. We are instrumental in introducing peace, joy, love, or ...confusion, pain, offense, and hurt into the lives of others. The rhtyhm could be simple, like the classic children's song, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," or, the rhythm could be as complex as Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. # 3 in C major. A rhythm can be compelling and captivating! What is your signature rhtyhm? Our relationships can be compelling and captivating too ...with a bit of effort on our part. Rhythm is inevitable. Harmony can be achieved with effort, deep interest, discipline, knowledge, and practice. Dissonance can be achieved by ignorance, neglect, apathy, and laziness. In any context, most of us prefer harmony to dissonance. Are we willing to put in the effort to achieve it? How do you effect the rhythm of your cherished relationships?

Chavers's interview by DuPont regarding The Rhythm of Relationships Book 

Relationships are fascinating to me! They are so fascinating that I decided to write an self publish a non fiction book entitled, The Rhythm of Relationships. The title of the book was inspired by the global and God -honoring relationship that I have with one of my dearest friends, Eva. What a great read! It is worth every penny of the $10.68 locals will spend to purchase it. If you are not a local, it will be worth every bit of the $13.00 cost to ship it to you in the U.S. Have you bought a copy of this must read yet?

The Author and Creator of all relationships has enormous hands, heart, and eyes for you!


He's got the whole world in His hands. He's got you and me His hands! Since January 29, 1978 at about 6:40 relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ has had rhtyhm! Even today,I can improve the rhythm by listening and responding to Him better. My favorite and best relationship ever is with Him! There is always room and opportunity to become more intimate with Him ad learn from Him more and more. He is sovereign, eternal, just, amazing, forgiving, sacrificing, supernatural, good, merciful, faithful, true, living, almighty and REAL! I trust His heart toward me and His hands upon me!